Medvedev: The Guidelines for the Government's Performance to 2018 
A apărut transcrierea discursului lui Dmitri Medvedev din cadrul reuniunii guvernuluii Federației Ruse, 31 ianuarie 2013, la care a aparticipat și președintele în exercițiu, Vladimir Putin.

Mă interesa dacă în acest ”The Guidelines for the Government's Performance to 2018” are vreun punct și despre integrarea în spațuiul eurasiatic. Are! Este chiar al doilea, ceea ce mă face să cred că cei care se folosesc despre inițiativa creării Uniunii Eurasiatice (lideri din spațiul ex-sovietic) vor fi în culmea fericii, simțindu-se băgați în seamă de Kremlin. 

”... Second, it is often said that there are negative aspects to the Russian economy’s increased transparency following our accession to the WTO and the creation of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space. We understand that competition is always an impetus for further development. The economy is like a parachute: it works well only when it is open.
I am confident that international integration can help bolster economic and social modernisation and enhance these sectors’ effectiveness. We should proceed in three areas simultaneously: Eurasian, European and Asian Pacific, but we should do so in a balanced way. By addressing the task of innovation-based development and joining international chains that create added value, we will be able to protect the interests of our exporters and investors abroad and ensure the sustainable development of Siberia and the Russian Far East with due regard for the goal of creating new business activity centres in Asia Pacific.”

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